Healthcare apps are
We are not.

Well... maybe. 🙂

We build human-centered software applications for your healthcare organization. From API's to CHAT GPT-4. We combine creative and technology that connect humans and machines.

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Our Growing Partners

Design and Strategy

We designing truly exceptional products. Our human centered approach provides us with the intelligence we need to create organically.

Custom Software Development

Developing digital health products requires a unique set of skills. From HIPAA compliance to clinician collaboration, our process is designed to develop healthcare software that are secure and easy to use.

AI Consulting

We grow and evolve with the current AI tendencies. From Smart Doctors to Jinnie. Our bots also help to automate appointment scheduling and follow-up communications, saving time for both doctors and patients.

Our Approach

Great products depend on engaging and motivating users. We use behavioral science and human centered design to build products that accomplish goals.

SaaS Telemedicine

We created Smart Doctors with the idea of providing doctors the tools they need to do a great job. We help boost doctors income streams by up to 50%. We help doctors advance their careers by combining the power of AI.

Enterprise Practice Management

Are you a medium size or large organization wanting to explore how to maximize efficiencies and declutter the webs of process? Our white labeled platform will have you in operations in a matter of weeks. Offer your workforce the ability to work the “phygital” way. Prepare your organization from the next pandemic.

Peaks Curative

Peaks Curative helps connect patients with doctors to
provide access to professional advice and prescription
treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in the form of
gummies and capsules.


Anyone suffering from chronic lifestyle illnesses - myoRX provides a health care experience like no other by delivering quality treatment affordably, conveniently, and discreetly. Currently under development.

Jinnie is designed to communicate with users in
multiple languages, allowing it to be used by a wide
range of people around the world. Jinnie will be your 24/7
customer support.

Better product means better experiences

Make your patients' lives easier by working with us. We design software application centered around them.